Great Lakes Motor Products is privately owned and operated with over 80 years of experience manufacturing motors. We manufacture the shaded 4- and 2-pole 3.3″ concentric, fractional horsepower, A.C. electric motors and air moving assemblies. This reliable model has performed with continued success for decades, being used in equipment for the HVAC industry, commercial kitchen equipment, medical equipment, recreational products and many other commercial and residential applications.

We also have equipment to produce the Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motor both in 4 and 2-pole. Development is well underway and we will be able to provide samples this year.

Serving a demand for American made electric motors and air moving assemblies, Great Lakes Motor Products sources over 90% of parts from U.S. based suppliers. We manufacture and assemble our products in the heart of America’s Midwest – Traverse City, Michigan.

Why Choose GLMP

“We are proud to be a US manufacturer. That being said, it has been asked how we compete with products from China and large manufacturers. Our team is capable of producing both small and large production runs. We fill in for those that don’t have the volume or the desire to buy from China. We also meet the needs of some larger volume customers who are looking for customer service. This comes through in our development of new products, communication on delivery requirements and client feedback from expediting orders when demand dictates. For others, it is simply a desire to purchase ‘American Made’.

We are a company built on servicing a niche market while developing capabilities to supply production for those with larger demands as well.”

Gregory J. Hill

Our Mission

Great Lakes Motor Products strives to serve our customer’s needs by working up front with them to design a product that is right for the application, then manufacture and deliver high quality products that fulfills their requirements.


Specialized motors and blowers provide durable solutions for kitchen environments.


Creating air moving products to keep your clients comfortable year-round.


Providing your specified torque for pumps, tumblers and other mechanical duty applications.

Custom Solutions for Your Manufacturing

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